A Craft Piece, a Prize, and a Poem

I’m writing a series of craft pieces for the Sundog Lit Blog under the banner “Speaking of Risk.”  The series is focused on an in-depth exploration of the types of risks being undertaken by contemporary writers beyond the standard stylistic risks that tend to dominate such conversations.  The first piece, “Introducing Speaking of Risk,” is up now.

Kevin Moffett named my story “Uncle Frank” the winner of this year’s Beecher’s Magazine Fiction Contest.  It’ll be published in their upcoming third issue.  If you haven’t seen Beecher’s yet, it’s one of the best looking journals out there (and the writing on the inside’s pretty stellar, too.)

Finally, it being the waning days of poetry month and all, I’m linking to my old professor John Wood’s wonderful poem “The Fiction of History” in Ashville Poetry Review.  It’s a good one, y’all.

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