Summer Update

It’s been a busy month, as school winds down and the summer ramps up.  The biggest news is that my chapbook WHEN YOU’RE DOWN BY THE RIVER came out at the end of May.  It’s available to order here.  It’s a gorgeous, limited edition chap from BatCat Press, a small publisher that is run by students at a performing arts school in Pennsylvania.  They did great work on the book (and on Sarah Carson’s poetry collection POEMS IN WHICH YOU DIE and Davy Rothbart’s nonfiction book SURVIVING).  Many thanks to them for all of their hard work.

I had a brief essay, “Me and Travis McGee,” published at the Pembroke Magazine site.

My review of Bianca Stone’s Someone Else’s Wedding Vows is up at the newly redesigned Friends of Atticus.  Great poetry collection.  Well worth your time.

I have a review of the new issue of The Sewanee Review up at The Review Review.

Finally, I’ve joined the staff of Midway Journal as nonfiction editor.  I’m digging in to submissions now, and I’m looking forward to publishing some great essays over there.

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